The summary deliverable scope of work for Epsilon (U) Limited was commissioned to undertake included:

  • Carry out civil foundation works and install a workshop fabricated LPG bulk storage tank as per client approved for construction drawings
  • Fabricate, assemble, erect and examine the LPG distribution pipework and client approved QA/QC plan fabrications and grade for the construction of the entire pipework
  • Supply assorted materials of the correct size and type

In 2019, Total Uganda Plc. Engaged Epsilon (U) Limited as contractors to install a new pipework system at Uganda Battery Limited Recycling Plant in Namanve – Uganda, to facilitate distribution to the plant, utility LPG for recycling of lead batteries. The LPG team was thrilled to be a part of the project, as it was the first of its magnitude.95% of the materials and equipment used during the project were sourced from Ugandan nationals and locals within the Namanve community which fostered both national and local content.

The project was overseen by a certified inspector who conducted third party inspections of  the construction works and entire pipework system from the bulk storage tank to the plant basing on the required standards and codes. The findings were always shared with the client in order to advise the fitness for service status.

In general, fabrication, installation and testing of pipework was conducted several times with the main reference codes. 100% of the recommended guidelines were adhered to.

Epsilon weldment on all of the weld joints passed the NDE. Weld joint repair Ref. procedure was availed for scrutiny to the inspector for the Joints. The Welder’s Performance Qualification records provided adequate information to confirm competence with the welding process specified in the welding procedure specification.

The pipework serviceability confidence levels and integrity status was guaranteed having passed a pressure hydrostatic test. This was due to adequate recommended examinations & testing of the pipework during the entire project.

Epsilon Embarks on LPG Pipe Work and Tank Installation for UBL, Total Uganda Limited
The installation was done as per required standard and project closed and handed over to the client.

Some of the Major challenges faced during the entire project where;

  1. Weather; most of the activities where done in open space and whenever it would rain, work would come at a standstill. Rain water would fill our excavated trench and hence making back filling so hard.
  2. Material Unavailability: for LPG, most of the required/standard Material wasn’t available locally. we had to import most of it and hence losing time in the waiting process

Lessons Learned during the project include extra Budgeting to cater for extra costs and proper planning and mobilisation