Are you ISO Certified?

Yes, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certified.

Are you licensed by NEMA to handle hazardous waste?

Yes, we are, and our licenses are renewed on an annual basis. We are licensed to transport, store and treat the waste before it is taken for final disposal to a licensed disposal company.

What is the procedure for someone in need of our service?

For any of our services, kindly use any of our contact details in the link…….. our customer service representative shall be able to direct you to the person best suited to handle your need.

Do you handle medical waste?

Yes, we do, get in touch with us for any further details or assistance.

Do you engage in turnkey construction works?

Yes, we do.

Does Epsilon handle the removal of asbestos iron sheets?

Yes, we have a highly trained team with vast experience in handling asbestos.

What does Epsilon do with the waste?

We collect waste from our client’s premises, transport it to our facility where it is sorted. Waste collected that can be recycled is sent to recycling plants and the rest incinerated. The ash collected from the incineration process is taken for disposal to a certified landfill operator.

Does Epsilon refill gas cylinders?

At the moment, we do not however, what we do is ensure that you have cylinders that are pressure tested, resprayed and revalidated to international standards for your safety and those around you.

For costs/ quotations, kindly contact us using any of our contact details with details of company, location and service required.