We offer our clients a one stop Human Resource solution where we provide key human resource elements such as recruitment and selection, training and skills development, performance management, welfare and benefits management, separation management, payroll management amongst others. With over 15 years of experience in this sector, Epsilon guarantees its clients that staff shall be facilitated according to the Uganda Labor laws.

Staff training

Staff Training
Staff Training

We use the training needs assessment where the HR identifies performance requirement, knowledge, skills and abilities needed by Epsilon Employees to achieve job requirements. The HR Trainer imparts knowledge and skills to the staff so as to perform their jobs effectively. The HR Department not only trains new or inexperienced employees, it also organises trainings for the existing employees that is to say management trainings to improve on their knowledge and skills.

Performance management

In performance management, HR Manager motives employees through performance Appraisals which are carriedout annually. The department sets annual goals and objectives to be based on while appraising the employees. Our HR Manager ensures that performances Appraisals are carried out fairly so as to keep track of employee performances in the Company. This helps the HR Manager in recognising the best performers per department based on the set targets of the company and identifying the gaps that exist in the company in order to provide suitable trainings to specific employees.

Welfare and benefits management

In our HR department we maintain welfare, safety and health of employees at all times; here we ensure that our employees are provided with safe drinking water, clean washrooms and rest rooms, clean work place, Medical insurance, safety gadgets etc.

Some of the benefits provided to our staff include the following; compensation for death or injuries, funeral assistance and death benefits, Leave- annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, compassionate leave, study leave. We also provide counselling services to our staff.

Other services under Human Resource that we offer include Payroll Management, Recruitment and Selection, Separation management,