Epsilon has over 19 years if experience in waste management, offering a one stop solution to all your waste management needs.

We aim to offer a waste management solution from cradle to grave.

We possess highly specialized equipment which include but not limited to; a fleet of specialized trucks, state of the art incinerator, waste accessories, all to smoothen the process of collection, transportation and disposal.

Epsilon Africa Waste Management
An example of one of our specialized fleet of trucks for Waste management

Our personnel are highly trained and are capable of offering solutions to your various waste management needs.

  • Petroleum waste, Chemical waste, medical waste, Industrial waste, Electronic waste, Plastic waste, Metal waste, Wood waste, Paper waste, etc.
  • Transportation, Incineration, waste containers for rent, waste management consultancy, certificate of destruction.
  • Epsilon aims to embrace new technologies that are around us to improve service delivery and increase work efficiency.
  • With the growing number of fleets, the company has invested in IVMS which helps to track vehicle and driver performance.
One of Epsilon Africa's Hazardous Trucks
One of Epsilon Africa's Hazardous Waste management Trucks